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Thursday, February 17, 2005

James Moran's indecent obsession

Yesterday was Smut Day on the House floor: HR 310 (the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005) - increasing FCC fines for indecency - was passed 389-36 - 161 Dems - including Comstock Nancy Pelosi - adding that extra handful of KY to aid its passage.

Adding fragrance to the Democratic cesspool is Virginia's James Moran who has a particular concern for which he submitted (emphasis mine)
an amendment...What it would do is to treat ED ads on television in the same way that we treat ads for tobacco and hard liquor. They cannot be shown until after 10 o'clock. The reason for doing this is that our airwaves are saturated with these ads for erectile dysfunction drugs. I think it has gotten out of hand and I do not think it is right.

You don't say.
When I bring this subject up, people giggle and it is awkward to talk about it, but it is wrong in prime-time viewing hours, such as the Super Bowl when you have got tens of millions of people watching, a lot of them young kids, to be saturating the American public's mind with these pitches for ED drugs. It is just wrong. Most of it is for the purpose of competing between brands...

It was one thing when Bob Dole and people of a certain age, which is pretty much my age as well, were the pitchmen. But these are younger actors today. It is disingenuous to be describing this drug as medically necessary. As is the way that they warn of side effects, be careful for a 4-hour experience and so on. We know how disingenuous that is...

You really couldn't make this stuff up.

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