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Friday, February 25, 2005

Another Texas vein to mine

Another institution whose existence you couldn't guess at in a hundred years: the Texas Railroad Commission.

(Well, you might guess that there was a state regulator for railroads. But not that its most important job (once) was regulating the oil industry.)

Nor had I heard of the Connally Hot Oil Act of 1935 [1].

Essentially, the problem in Texas in the early 1930s was overproduction; the RRC allocated production limits amongst the industry, and the Connally Act enforced the RRC's production controls across the US.

I'd hypothesise that Commissioners became as rich as Croesus with presents from the industry. I've seen no facts to support that, though. Clearly, someone will have followed the money - and perhaps no lettuce went astray.

  1. Which did not require a roll call vote - that I can see on Voteview. There was still some Mo behind the New Deal: RC 25 on March 23 1935 passed the work relief appropriations bill H JRes 117 68-16, with only two Confederate Dems voting against - Glass and Byrd of Virginia. For the 74th Congress, the highest DW-NOMINATE 1st coordinate amongst the Dems voting in RC 25 is Gore (OK) at 0.081. (By the 83rd, the highest is the same Byrd at 0.296; 17 Dems are in positive territory; in comparison - and Poole and Rosenthal say that the numbers are comparable across Congresses - in the 74th, only six Dems have positive 1st coordinates.)

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