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Friday, February 04, 2005

And now a little union payola?

An aberration, I suspect. But
Dunbar John said he tucked the five worn $100 bills inside a greeting card wishing reporter Melissa Klein "a prosperous New Year" to show his appreciation for her coverage of labor issues at the financially troubled Westchester Medical Center.

And John is -
president of the Civil Service Employees Association unit at the medical center

He says
he was unaware that reporters are generally prohibited from accepting gifts to avoid conflicts of interest.

Which makes the dog ate my homework seem plausible.

Reported by the Journal News whose journo - Melissa Klein - unknowingly got the bung.

Do we think that John is the first union official to put greenbacks in the hands of a reporter? Someone might want to do some actual journalism on the subject.


On union corruption, one has the National Institute for Labor Relations Research - part of the VRWC, apparently, but who's not working an angle these days?

On the topic generally, this (PDF) and this from the NILRR look interesting and may actually be accurate, some of it. Not a topic I'm interested in pursuing for the moment.

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