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Monday, January 31, 2005

Yid-baiting in British politics?

Despite the druthers of Likudniks and their fellow-travellers, anti-semitism as political fuel has, so far as I'm aware, next to zero calorific value in the UK right now.

The leader of the Tory opposition, Michael Howard, happens to be a Jew. But, I suspect, most UK voters do not realise it. He makes little or nothing of it: why should they?

Tony Blair and his Merry Men go for a little faux-naif jokery with a poster featuring Howard as Fagin.

They deny it ever crossed their mind that anyone would think they were attacking Howard as a Jew. According to BBC radio (not reflected in online material yet) Blair's Labour machine has decided not to use the poster after all.

Classic technique. Which makes me wonder, perhaps Labour has focus-grouped and found a genuine strain of anti-semitism amongst key demos. Evidence?

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