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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Those faulty historical analogies again

There was a time in the run-up to the Iraq invasion when the War Party was pretty hot on the Munich/Chamberlain/Churchill variety of bollocks.

I wrote as long ago as September 14 2002 linking, amongst other things, an interesting piece Munich: Reassessing the Diplomatic Value of Appeasement which tries to separate fact from self-serving fantasy.

I chance to find another piece (PDF) along the same lines: Perils of Reasoning by Historical Analogy: Munich, Vietnam, and American Use of Force Since 1945 by Jeffrey Record, then prof at the Air Force University.

I have no immediate use for this. Those Iranian nuclear facilities, though, must be causing Osiraq-yearning itchiness of the trigger-fingers of Likudniks and PNAC-ers in and around the (for what of a better word) administration...

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