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Friday, January 28, 2005

Texas Congressional District maps

I have a mild interest in the gerrymanders of the Lone Star State, a curiosity which extends to seeing what there is online in the way of district maps.

The 109th districts - incorporating the GOP gerrymander - are here - individually, all 32 of them, at around half a meg of PDF each.

The 108th, in both huge PDF and small GIF files, are here. This incorporates the court-imposed redistricting [1] following the 2000 census.

Of the 107th and earlier, there seems to be no sign of readily accessible detailed maps. There are the maps in the Congressional Handbook - from the GPO site, which are fine with rural districts, not much good for cities.

National Atlas has the 107th and 106th districts in the form of a layer as a shapefile. That's Here be Hippogriffs territory for me, I'm afraid.

(I suspect that more aggressive shaking of trees and working the Wayback Machine would produce the goods. My excitement level needs boosting before I start on that road!)

  1. What looks like an impeccably comprehensive treatment of the voluminous Texas redistricting litigation (including links to filings and opinions) here (got from Votelaw.)

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