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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Obama: the idol falls

And he's barely been on the plinth five minutes.

The Chicago Tribune is boosting the Illinois Congressional delegation - how about this lede for home town coverage:
As the 109th Congress convened Tuesday, Illinois brought one of its most clout-heavy delegations in years to the capital, with both Democrats and Republicans in leadership roles and positions of influence.

The new Jed Bartlett, the DEWDROPs' wet dream Barack Obama [1], gets in the party spirit:
You take all of us together and we really have a great capacity to get things done for the people of Illinois.

And, for the benefit of more obtuse readers, the rag translates:
With a pork-laden multibillion dollar transportation bill likely to come up for passage this year, all the influence of every member will be fully engaged to steer a good share of the money to Illinois.

Perfect bipartisanship as the logs start not so much rolling as spinning.

And - in fact, though not in law - every bit as corrupt as anything Tom DeLay might have got up to.

  1. My suspicion that is that Obama fails to be available for the presidency on several grounds: no sitting US Senator for a generation will be allowed the Dem nomination; he's too dark-skinned; despite his 'heritage', he doesn't keep his distance from the Sharpton element (though a Sister Souljah moment with the fat man is no doubt asking too much!); other minorities - not to mention that majority, women - will contest his right to be the first to break the white male monopoly.

    You're really looking for a George P Bush type - Hispanic-ish, Republican and nothing to frighten the horses - to come round the outside. The comparison with Margaret Thatcher springs to mind.

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