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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

News freedom advocates take the Karen Ryan route

Just skimming the latest in a long line (going back, at the very least, to Ken Auletta's New Yorker piece) of descripitions of, or polemics against, the Bush Administration's treatment of the media - this time, it's Lori Robertson in the AJR.

I'll return to the substance, perhaps - though there's nothing startlingly new so far. But the following leapt from the page (emphasis mine):
ASNE, the Radio-Television News Directors Association and a number of other journalism organizations are launching a nationwide "Sunshine Week," set for March 13. The Sunshine Week Web site ( will provide op-eds for use by the media, story ideas, video news packages and information for libraries, which will sponsor local FOI programs.


Media! Complain about USG spoonfeeding of prepackaged pablum - and use our prepackaged pablum to do it with!

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