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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mary Mapes didn't even break Abu Ghraib - it says here

Part of the exculpatory CBS narrative of Rathergate - why editorial controls completely failed - is that Mary Mapes was not only a long-serving 60 Minutes producer, but was on a roll: her latest big coup had been breaking the Abu Ghraib scandal, and, the reasoning goes, that gave her a zillion credits in the Bank of Credibility on which editors could reasonably rely.

Complete bollocks, of course; but, it seems, the credit for Abu Ghraib belonged elsewhere. At any rate, if one can believe one Kristina Borjesson, who writes that
the real truth about Mapes breaking the Abu Ghraib story is that she didn't break it, her associate producer, Dana Robeson did.

Now, according to Mr Google, Borjesson's piece is the only Web item including the words "dana robeson" - and Yahoo People also draws a blank. (There's no indication whether DR is male or female, even!)

Another meaningless net artefact, then...

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