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Monday, January 17, 2005

Majority of the majority rule in the House

It's the opposite of news (at least two months old!), but I'm reminded by the Confessore piece (earlier) to note it for future reference.

Under the regime, only bills with the support of a majority of the House GOP will get to the floor. The intelligence bill was held back on that account [1].

I wasn't paying attention at the time - obviously! - but I don't get the impression that the majority of the majority ruling got quite the media play that it deserved. No excuse, of course...

  1. A NY Press piece on this and other aspects of GOP House management; a profile of Dennis Hastert: a Cox News piece on GOP management of both houses.


A Washington Times piece on Rep Mike Pence, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the GOP conservative caucus (also USA Today).

Pence apparently led the House GOP opposition to the Medicare bill in 2003 - fiscal prudence still alive in the Republican Party? Surely not...

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