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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Is advertising affecting content at Air America?

There is far too much grunt work involved in checking this out [1]. So just call it a hypothesis.

Up to the election and - so far as I can recall - beyond, Janeane Garofalo and her sidekick were slamming the New York Times. I remember particular hate campaigns (with stunts) aimed at Jodi Wilgoren and Adam Nagourney. More or less every night, there was at least one anti-Times rant.

This year, not so much, in what I've heard. And, I notice, the station has been running ads for the Times, voiced by none other than Air America Radio newsguy Bill Crowley.

Has the Times suddenly 'reformed'? Did a memo come round from AAR bosses saying to lay off? Or is it a figment of my imagination.

  1. Certainly, for those without Nexis.


Whilst on the subject: a day or two ago, Garofalo, ranting about the homo-marriage amendment and the folks who support it, compared this sorry piece of symbolism to the Nazi death camps. (This was the day of the Auschwitz liberation 60th anniversary commemorations.)

And just now was complaining about Ted Koppel comparing the Iraq war to World War 2 in confronting opponents of the former in a Nightline town-meeting show.

Justification (if any) for early claims for the superior quality of the intellectual honesty of liberal talk radio seem to have gone the way of the early AAR management team.

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