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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

End of an era in Italy

Taking pot luck with the Google News Italy page, the only topic of remote interest was the case of an unlucky guy called Ivan from Trieste found guilty of sexual assault for giving a girl using a payphone in the street at the time a friendly pat on the rear. They were not acquainted, it seems, and the girl took umbrage.

A previous ruling of the Corte di Cassazione (the top Italian court)
ammetteva la 'palpatina' a patto che si trattasse di qualche «isolata e repentina pacca» e che mancasse l' «intento propriamente libidinoso».

Ivan was not so lucky: the court took his case as the opportunity for a volte-face:
il gesto è da ritenersi 'atto sessuale' seppure 'di breve durata' e nonostante non abbia «determinato la soddisfazione erotica del soggetto attivo».

In fact, Ivan had been acquitted at trial, the prosecution had appealed, and the Corte d'Appelo in Trieste had found him guilty, and sentenced him to 14 months in jail, suspended.

What the the hacks call a watershed, I suspect: like when what seemed like the entire British people went ga-ga over the death of Princess Diana, and the stiff upper lip seemed consigned to the dustbin of history.

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