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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Creationism: the crackers have won - and Ted Kennedy helped (kinda)

Way back, I mentioned that creationists were on the offensive in Cobb County, GA.

Just a few days ago, a Federal District Court decision (PDF) by Judge Clarence Cooper in Selman v Cobb County School Board put the kibosh on that lark - for the moment - and before it was too late.

But, just twenty-odd miles from Gettysburg, in Dover, PA, judicial intervention, if any (a case is pending), will come too late - the NYT piece under hed An Alternative to Evolution Splits a Pennsylvania Town.

That's not the half of it: the school board have, it seems, fashioned their new policy after an amendment to the No Child Left Behind Act sponsored in the Senate by home stater Rick Santorum:
Where topics are taught that may generate controversy (such as biological evolution), the curriculum should help students to understand the full range of scientific views that exist, why such topics may generate controversy, and how scientific discoveries can profoundly affect society.

The amendment eventually failed (I'm not disposed to crunch THOMAS right now), but on the way survived a vote in the Senate by 91-8.

And, it seems, Ted Kennedy was a strong supporter - though he's keeping his head down on the issue right now, apparently.

The moral: crackers come in all shapes and sizes...

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