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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Consultants racket penalises Dem candidates

Thus saith Amy Sullivan, at least.

Most of them are useless most of the time. But - and here the racket comes in -
For Democratic candidates in the few targeted races every cycle that are actually competitive, winning without the financial support of the DSCC (or its sister organization, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) is nearly impossible.

And Dem candidates [1] say
they are strongly encouraged—often with the reminder that precious funds hang in the balance—to select recommended consultants.

Now, the GOP equivalent of the DCCC, the National Republican Congressional Committee, comes in for all sorts of - hammer - for its excessive sway over GOP Congressmen (members of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, for instance).

Does the NRCC work the hard sell on behalf of select GOP consultants, I wonder?

  1. How many? How credible? You want jam on it?

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