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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Colombian drug czar keeps her head down online

I'm sure we're in Artefact County [1], so just a brief note.

A documentary has just been on UK TV featuring a woman they called Maria Cristina Chirolla, head of an anti-narcotics unit in the Colombian government [2].

My curiosity piqued, I google the woman: she exists, but her online footprint seems remarkably slight for the prominent role she has.

Spelt as above, the name returns 43 of 145 mainly English items. Spelt correctly (María Cristina Chirolla), it's a mere 12 of 14 items.

Checking the surname, one gets confirmation in official sources: as, from the Presidencia site, where her title is given as la coordinadora de la Unidad de Lavado de Activos de la Fiscalía General de la Nación; and she is mentioned in a judicial opinion (defending the constitutionality of some law or other, on behalf of the government, I assume) where her full name is given as María Cristina Chirolla Lozada; and this from the Colombian Embassy in Vienna gives her title as Jefe de la Unidad Contra el Lavado de Activos y de Extinción de Dominio de la Fiscalía General de la Nación y Fiscal Delegada ante la Corte Suprema de Justicia.

And a lousy twelve items for all that?!

Cross-checking, the El Tiempo search page produces nada on chirolla. Google pulls up three Tiempo pieces. Tiempo is like the New York Times of Colombia; narcotics is Colombia's #1 news machine; she's high up the antinarcotics organisation chart (and correspondingly high up on the alphabet soup's [3] hit-lists).

Granted, she's not doing stadium gigs and appearing on Regis and Kathy shows every day.

But twelve items?

  1. Strictly speaking, that should be Artifact County - the default round here is British English!

  2. The sexual and racial politics of her occupying the position she does may have possibilities (she's a middle-aged woman and a fairly dark-skinned and Indian-looking mestiza).

    It was also striking that the only African-looking folks (I noticed - I didn't get to tape the show) were grunts on anti-drug operations (that Chirolla went along on - hence the footage).

  3. FARC, ELN, AUC, etc.

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