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Sunday, December 19, 2004

You wouldn't read about it!

An unexpected twist in the Blunkett bastardy case: there is a Third Man!

Now, given the Clinton-sized libido of the woman in the case, Kimberly Quinn (aka Kimberly Fortier, and who knows what else), scarcely surprising in itself.

What is truly piquant is that the guy is none other than well-known political hack for the Guardian, and ubiqituous on the BBC, Simon Hoggart. Like Blunkett, far from being Love's Young Dream.

But one who has written a good deal - a sample - on the Blunkett/Quinn case - without letting on to the Great Unwashed that he, too, had dipped his wick where Blunkett's had been before.

The News of the World broke the story earlier today.

The piece says that, during a radio interview a month ago, Hoggart, referring to the sexual shenanigans already then known involving personnel at the Spectator (editor Boris Johnson, hack Rod Liddle), said
"Why aren't I getting some of this Sextator action?"

He also said of Johnson: "He's a devoted family man. How he finds the time for an affair I don't know."

Quinn happens to be the Spectator's publisher.

Hoggart's position is all the more delicate for being in the middle of promoting his Christmas book, The Cat that Could Open the Fridge (don't ask). No doubt, some colleagues interviewing him knew all about his dalliance with Quinn: others may feel less than charitably disposed.

There will be plenty of Nexis work going on to ferret out the most embarrassing if only we knew then what we know now snippets from both Blunkett and Hoggart.

A 2001 Daily Telegraph piece which looks at the marital record (dismal) of the then British cabinet links to a 2000 piece on an educational initiative taken when Blunkett was in charge of English schools:
Children are to be taught to cope with divorce, separation and "re-partnering" as part of the new curriculum, it was disclosed last night...David Blunkett, the Education Secretary, is understood to have wanted greater emphasis on traditional households.

However, it was regarded as "unrealistic" and "exclusionary" to insist that one model be emphasised. The source said: "We were worried that a lot of children would be made to feel second class if they come from single-parent homes or have unmarried parents."

Did the proposed guidelines give advice on the case of a mother who is indeed married, but whose amorous activities have resulted in a laundry-list of potential fathers for her child?

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