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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Stephanie Herseth: first non-white-male president?

The Dem darling of the mid-campaign (who won a special election to the US House in South Dakota in the summer), she won handily in the general in a state that Bush won by 21 points (and where Friend of Ethanol Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle crapped out).

The woman is young - too young for president this year - and very cute - that much, we knew.

But now one sees she's been voted Best Newcomer in the Washingtonian's Best and Worst of Congress poll of members' aides (presumably a fairly tough room) - and apparently got twice as many votes as her nearest rival.

Far be it from me to jinx her; but, pace the DEWDROPs (who I suspect would rate her as a borderline DINO), the ability to win (twice in six months) in deep Red territory without (so far as I'm aware) seeking to press the buttons of bigotry must be a gold star against her name.

Very early days, of course; she needs some service in the House, and then a run at the governorship (next up in 2006 - surely too early for Herseth - and the GOP's Mike Rounds is not term-limited from standing again); so the earliest conceivable presidential run would be 2012 - more likely, 2016.

And 46 isn't a bad age for a first presidential foray. (Not to mention that, amongst Dem candidates [1] in the last two decades, good-looking, moderate governors from small flyover states are 2-2, all other categories 0-???.)

  1. Those who ran in the general.


That poll, I now see, ran in the September 2004 issue!

It doesn't change my feelings about Herseth's chances at the top job - the result is all the more remarkable given the shorter time she'd had to impress! - but it's a tad annoying.

(The home page - top left - links to an index page where the articles are undated; the Best of Congress story has the date at the bottom of the page.

I wonder why the New York Times and LA Times and Washington Post don't do that?)

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