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Saturday, December 04, 2004

A source for good stuff on US political history

A site I'd not spotted before: the American Political Development Program.

It seems to work as something of a warehouse for recent work and work in progress: expect links to be strictly ephemeral! Some are just reviews, some journal articles, some book chapters. Pot luck.

There is, for example, an issue (PDF) - all of it, not just the single article promised - of papers on the theme of the opening sentence: The United States is a nation which seeks war. Various wars are discussed, from the Spanish-American to the 'War on Terror'. Amongst the authors, Howard Zinn is a name I recognise.

Also, whilst the URLs are to hand, some extracts from Truman, Eisenhower, and the Transformation of American Politics, 1945-1960 by Robert Griffith; the New Deal Networkwhich has online resources on the subject; and a 1956 Nation piece by WEB DuBois I Won't Vote - 1956 was the height of the dead cat bounce of resurgent Negro support for the GOP, I seem to remember. Democrat antics in the Senate and the South...

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