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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Small world: Ocean Hill-Brownsville, race relations and Murder Inc

Strange how almost everyone's heard of Rosa Parks, and almost no one's heard of Fred Nauman.

Not so strange at all, of course: despite being a denizen of the largest Jewish city on the planet, Nauman is the wrong colour to get much recognition in Al Sharpton's rotten borough.

(The story of the 1968 strike over Nauman's professional ethnic cleansing I discussed - off a interesting paper on the subject - on November 2 2003.)

Now, I read about Murder Inc that
Most of the killers were recruited from the gangs of the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Ocean Hill, Brownsville and East New York.

The Murder Inc killing machine had been over for a decade before the strike, according to this PBS history. And I'm sure it never crossed those nice teachers' minds to distribute gifts of horses' heads amongst members of the school board...

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