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Monday, December 06, 2004

Red meat on filibusters

One continues to read that the Senate GOP may seek to reduce to a simple majority the votes needed to end the filibuster of the confirmation of a judicial appointment by the device of a ruling of the chair.

A 74 page Stanford Law Review article (5MB PDF) from 1996 by Catherine Fisk and Erwin Chemerinksy may come in handy, I'm thinking.

One also has a chapter on cloture in Riddick's Senate Procedure (2.7MB - scanned as images, natch). And a couple of papers (here and here, both PDF) from the American Center for Law and Justice on nomination filibusters (it's agin 'em) and changing the rules to stop them.

There are several CRS Reports, the most relevant Cloture Attempts on Nominations and Filibusters and Cloture in the Senate and Evolution of the Senate’s Role in the Nomination and Confirmation Process: A Brief History.

Ten to one, after all this Nancy Drew-ing, Frist and the boys bottle out. That Bolivian revolution all over again...

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