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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ohio recounts: a dead cat bounce

Or headless chicken in motion.

The Post was reporting yesterday that the Kerry Campaign (as opposed to the Ohio Democratic Party) had asked to be joined a suit to block a recount in Delaware County.

Nothing further on the Green/Libertarian suit discussed here on November 26.

Meanwhile, an excellent article by law prof Peter Shane explores the black hole which lies between Ohio and Federal law on presidential elections and their aftermath. The step-by-step analysis, with reference to relevant legislation, walks us through the legal minefield that a really close election in Ohio would make live.

The result this time is just not close enough to cause any such problems - Equal Vote - a new site - links earlier stuff that seems to put the kibosh on theories of a Tutankhamen's Tomb of chad-laden punched ballots from black areas.

Pity the Dems' Ohio GOTV operation couldn't have got us into black hole territory - Shane's piece promises all sorts of hi-jinks.

(On the subject of Dem GOTV, Matt Bai's NYT Mag piece Who Lost Ohio? of ten days ago has been burning a hole in my bookmark file, as it were. Its time may yet come - but the fact that there's no real fight in progress is something of a downer...)

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