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Friday, December 17, 2004

The Mormons strike again!

Following recent shenanigans at Arizona State University and Brigham Young University (November 29), there seems to be a bit of political cleansing in progress.

According to Cliopatria, a leftie prof, Stephen Roberds, at Southern Utah University has been denied tenure in dubious circumstances. Of itself, it's a pretty thin tale - there was apparently a classroom incident in which Roberds swore at a student: looks more like a pretext than a reason for the guy getting bumped. Far too many jury questions to interest me in the particular case.

Its significance is being another in a modest but growing list of Mormon-related academic freedom cases.

Of course, with political cleansing of conservatives tending towards the norm elsewhere in the Union, it's hard to balk at the right-wingers having one state with pinko-free college faculties.

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