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Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's the email, stupid

When will they ever learn? Was the Hutton Inquiry not enough to hammer into the heads of government officials to write nothing in an email that they wouldn't be happy to see on the front pages of all the newspapers?

Do burglars go about their business in stripy shirts with bags labelled Swag in six inch high letters?


(There are alternative explanations: for instance, that the officials concerned did not think they were doing anything potentially embarrassing; or that they were setting Blunkett up. Unlikely, but not inconceivable.)

Blunkett read the email that Sir Alan Budd found (is this a first for a closed-door Whitehall inquiry?) and wept - on TV.

Perhaps, next time, they'll use the phone...

(One might noodle on the comparison between Blunkett and Ramsay MacDonald - working-class boy, terrible childhood [1], youthful firebrand, who turned in office to something of a poodle. And an admirer of duchesses.

Kimberly Quinn (or Kimberly Fortier, as she was when Blunkett started knocking her off) is not quite a duchess but is a Vassar girl (that's pretty close, surely?), and apparently characterised herself as
a New York debutante who didn't even know how to use a washing-machine"

It seems that
In America, she sometimes went to work in the morning in her "ballgown" after a night out partying.

Her nickname [2] is apparently Network South East - her little black book supposedly rivals War and Peace, length-wise.

  1. He was born a bastard - most pols need on-the-job training...

  2. Google News has apparently suppressed the piece I found it in: so no URL.


UK government emails get permanently archived these days.

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