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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Exquisite shot of dirty pool over the hunting bill

Cliff Notes: the UK government has been trying to avoid implementation of a 1997 kinda-sorta pledge to ban fox-hunting - which is strongly supported by large swathes of his parliamentary party. Eventually, a bill was passed, using the provisions of the Parliament Act 1949, for a ban to commence in February 2005.

Now, it turns out that hunt supporters are mounting a challenge to the effect that the Parliament Act 1949 was not validly passed, and requesting an injunction to delay the ban until the issue is resolved.

Not utterly unprecedented, I suspect: last-ditch, doomed attempt at stopping the inevitable. Except that, in this case, the government has said it will not oppose granting of the injunction!

And the strong suspicion is that everyone (who mattered) knew this all along.

Anyone would think that even Teflon Tony might think he needed to goose his supporters at a time like this: election this May, if not earlier, and a key minister (Blunkett) just out on his ear.

On the contrary: Blair waves two fingers at the comrades, leaving one on which they are invited to swivel.

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