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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Buenos Aires: cheapest European city, apparently

I've never visited; but the impression one always had was that, juntas apart [1], BA was one of the most desirable residences in the Americas.

A mixture of Spanish, Italian and English influences, climate, beaches, women...

I'm back. Now, one reads that internet penetration is now up to 23% - which doesn't sound much, but given the horrendous 2002 slump [2] in the aftermath of which poverty levels are back around those experienced in the late 1980s at the time of hyperinflation, matches up pretty well against the numbers of around 40% in France and 58% in the UK.

And Buenos Aires, which pre-slump was absurdly expensive - 18th most expensive in the world, in fact - is, in 2004, ranked just above such arseholes of the universe as Harare and Kathmandu at just over half as expensive as New York City. (London comes out at 25% more than New York.)

Real estate investors, start your engines!

  1. But Mrs Lincoln, that was a damned good play...

  2. According to this, the country's GDP will not yet be back to its third quarter 1999 levels by the end of 2005!


A real live example of the hi-tech Argie in action! It seems that a woman who was being kept prisoner by an ex-boyfriend who was promising to rape her managed to summon the cops by texting her friend!

And take a look at this for a defence:
el hombre detenido relató ante los investigadores que su ex pareja concurrió por su voluntad al local para mantener relaciones sexuales, pero como no pudo mantenerlas, la mujer se enojó y por despecho inventó la historia del abuso.

Now that's what I call a girly-man!

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