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Saturday, November 20, 2004

TRMPAC Follies - one or two things...

I'm toying with the idea of taking a long position in the TRMPAC Show. The prospect of a sort of OJ meets LBJ with a side-order of Florida 2000 media circus and freak show is certainly an appealing one, newswise; on the other hand, I know next to nothing about Texas politics and even less about Texas electoral law. And most of these news investment opportunities go phut - as witness the Bush/Kerry postseason [1].


One reason to hold back on TRMPAC is the lack of online copies of the 32 Travis County grand jury indictments handed down on September 21 (Salon piece of September 22). I'll keep looking, off and on.

A piece on the indictments by Texan blogger Charles Kuffner got a comment pointing to ยง251.004 of the Texas Election Code, which stipulates that
Venue for a criminal offense prescribed by this title is in the county of residence of the defendant, unless the defendant is not a Texas resident, in which case venue is in Travis County.

DeLay is resident, the commenter says, in Fort Bend County, whose DA is a Republican, John Healey.

I quote this not suggesting it would be dispositive of the case against DeLay (assuming there is one) but to illustrate the sort of level of detail one would need to get into to do justice to the story.

Definitely tempting, though...

  1. I keep hearing the odd suggestion that there are enough provisional votes and undervotes in Ohio to swing it for Kerry. I'm inclined to place such notions in the tinfoil hat column for the moment. But who knows...

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