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Monday, November 22, 2004

Those ignorant Goopers - again

A brief return to the famous PIPA survey that seemed to show that large majorities of Bush supporters were in gross ignorance of Bush's foreign policies, Kerry supporters less so [1].

It was clear that the survey raised rather more questions than it answered. A little online mooching reveals that others, notably at Volokh, Tuttissima and from Cathy Young, take the line (Cliff Notes) that the results are artefacts: the questions asked were apt to be answered wrongly in disproportionately large numbers by ignorant Bush supporters on the basis of gut support for their champion.

It is suggested that
uninformed party members are most likely to give answers favorable to their own political views

Except - the PIPA questions included references to - an example from memory - the International Criminal Court - that sounds like ceding power to the surrender monkeys, the last thing a Bush-supporter however dumb would see his guy supporting, surely?

I'll just dog-ear the page [2] on the issue for the moment. I'd certainly not wish to let go of the corroboration of ignorance (or ideological blindness) on the right evidenced by the disproportionate belief in creationism amongst conservatives [3]. I'd need some convincing that polling on that score generated mere artefacts!

  1. Pieces here on October 1 and October 23. (Earlier PIPA pieces on August 26 and April 25.)

  2. A truly odious practice I wouldn't dream of with dead-tree material!

  3. The classes of Bush supporter, Republican and conservative are not co-extensive, obviously. Further distinctions to make on any deeper delving into the subject.

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