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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ronnie Earle speaks!

With a short blast (470 words) through a big megaphone (the New York Times), Earle hits back at the GOP smear campaign:
Congress may make its own rules, but the public makes the rule of law, and depends for its peace on the enforcement of the law. Hypocrisy at the highest levels of government is toxic to the moral fiber that holds our communities together.

Switch hypocrisy and moral fiber in that last sentence and you approach the truth...

Earle uses his USP in his own defence:
The thinly veiled personal attacks on me by Mr. DeLay's supporters in this case are no different from those in the cases of any of the 15 elected officials this office has prosecuted in my 27-year tenure. Most of these officials - 12 Democrats and three Republicans - have accused me of having political motives. What else are they going to say?

Well, they might say, I'm not guilty, and explain why. Kay Bailey Hutchison had enough else to say such that, according to a 2000 piece in the Austin Review, in her case
The charges were dismissed when Earle refused to present evidence at trial.

And let's pause to note the numbers: on November 21, I pointed out that some news outlets (including the Washington Post) were quoting 16 as the number of elected officials that Earle has prosecuted, whilst others quoted 15.

Now, from the horse's mouth, we have the number stated as 15. Who is the 16th man?

Why Earle's intervention now, and in the form of the Times piece? There's nothing of substance there to rebut GOP charges of bias.

There is a strange coincidence that the piece should appear around the time that CBS was putting out a story that Tom DeLay
is unlikely to be indicted by a state grand jury probing alleged campaign finance violations in Texas, according to an official involved in the investigation.

The story was promptly denied by one of Earle's minions, ADA Gregg Cox.

Is this an example of the moral fiber holding together the Travis County DA's office?

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