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Friday, November 19, 2004

Ronnie Earle gets the Swift Boat treatment, supposedly

There's certainly every sign - rounded up by Media Matters - of an operation mounted by the VRWC to blacken the Travis County DA's name in anticipation of a move to indict Prince of Darkness Tom Delay (last discussed here yesterday).

Well, duh! What did they expect, given the stellar success of the bang-up job they did with poor old John Kerry?

And the fact, as quoted, that
11 of the 15 politicians he has prosecuted over the years were Democrats
has the savour of 350 votes for higher taxes talking-point, with the nutritional value of cardboard, news-wise.

Earle's three decade long tenure as Travis DA is, from what little I know of it, likely to prove a fascinating tale. Perhaps he really is a model public servant in a state neck deep in corruption; if that's his story, let's hear it, with the supporting evidence.

The 11 out of 15 point surely gets him nowhere, rebuttal-wise.

(CJR notes the media's stenographic reporting of the anti-Earle campaign.)

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