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Friday, November 26, 2004

Ohio recount saga continues

Thankfully, we get excellent blog coverage of the whole thing from Equal Vote and Election Law Blog so I feel no compulsion to try to get my mind round the complexities.

District Judge James Carr (in Toledo) has ruled (PDF) that the Green and Libertarian Party candidates do not satisfy the irreparable injury requirement for a preliminary injunction because neither have the faintest chance of changing the result.

Equal Vote agrees with the decision (also links to materials) but thinks there may be a due process claim.

Election Law Blog links a WaPo piece which says that the Ohio Democratic Party is supporting the recount effort; it doesn't say that they are seeking to join in the Green/Lib suit (ie as a way of getting round the 'irreparable harm' problem).


Whilst on the subject, I should add Votelaw to the mix.

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