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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ney one to keep an eye on in Abramoff-Scanlon

One of the chestnuts of 2004 election coverage was the mania of the media to include in any report of GOP misstatements a note of some stretcher of the Dems [1].

It's tempting to view any reference to Dem Rep Bob Ney of Ohio in a similar light: yes, the guy was part of the plan of A&S to open up the Tiguas' Speaking Rock Casino that they'd helped Ralph Reed shut down a year or two earlier [2].

But perhaps he really was a mere dupe, as Ney himself alleges. Or perhaps not: one reads, for instance, that a former Ney chief of staff, Neil Volz, was employed by lobbyists Greenberg Traurig (of which Abramoff was a partner) on the Tiguas' account. Coincidence?

I've not looked more than superficially at Ney's role in the farrago - but I have a feeling his time may come.

(He's quaking - believe me...)

  1. The infamous internal memo of ABC's Mark Halperin deplored the practice.

  2. The scam last discussed on November 26.

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