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Monday, November 29, 2004

The naked newsreader

Noted for future reference (the story has whiskers) a wrap from the San Francisco Chronicle: WOIO Cleveland's Sharon Reed whipped off her kit on camera for one of Spencer Tunick's mass nude photos.

Loads of anthropological goodness here - Reed is black (for some reason, Josephine Baker in her banana-toting days sprang to mind) - as well as more strictly media interest:
the event took place last June, and the station held the report until sweeps week in November.

Nudism in Cleveland in November not so much fun, obviously...

FCC? I gather the stunt was shown during the indecency safe harbor hours of 2200-0600. Plus, I'm not quite sure how much of the merchandise viewers got to inspect.

And - small world - WOIO is a CBS affiliate.

That's the way to do it!

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