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Monday, November 22, 2004

Mormon police-state update

Following up my earlier piece (November 19), I find - more accurately, Romenesko finds for me - that
  1. the J-school faculty at ASU have rallied round in fine style with a resolution in support of the State Press - the college rag that had the effrontery to print a naked breast on the cover of its weekend magazine (no sign of movement from the administration);

  2. the goons that pass themselves off as police at BYU have dropped charges against the college journo arrested for videoing the handing out of citations. The fact that the tape showed the 'officers' to be lying through their teeth may have helped them in their decision.

Meanwhile, I chance upon another story which supposedly concerns ASU: the ousted president of Yavapai College, one Doreen Dailey, is said by persons quoted to have been
convinced that there was a conspiracy by Arizona State University President Michael Crow and others to take over Yavapai College.

The woman denies she ever thought this - it sounds like an allegation of grassyknollitis designed to discredit her. But who knows? (For now, the facts of the case are too convoluted and tedious to get into on such a slight possibility of opening up a second front on gauleiter Crow.)

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