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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

May the best fraudsters win!

Still blogging on the hoof, my eye was naturally caught by a New York Times piece on developing voting shenanigans.

The hurt innocence with which the DEWDROPs meet such allegations (that, of course, is all that they are, for the moment) is piquant (the spirit of the Halperin dual standard memo coming in handy) - the very notion that, for instance, the insistence of Dems in preserving the right to vote without showing ID had anything to do with getting ballots of the unqualified (and the illegal) duly counted is, of course, utterly unthinkable.

The party of 'Landslide Lyndon' has developed a very sensitive soul - not to mention a short memory!

Meanwhile, the GOP can at least look over the voters in Ohio - feeling the moisture level of backs, that sort of thing...

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