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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Kennewick Man: Congressional end run imminent!

An early opportunity for the newly 'mandated' regime to land its first bunker-buster on Science.

A Post piece warns of a sneak attack from Ben Nighthorse Campbell in the form of the Native Americans Technical Corrections Act of 2004 (S 2843) - which, in ยง14, provides:
Section 2(9) of Public Law 101-601 (25 U.S.C. 3001(9)) is amended by inserting `or was' after `is'.

The purpose of the amendment to NAGPRA is to make much more difficult the task of scientists fighting the Kennewick Man case against the unholy know-nothing alliance of Indians and the Interior Department [1].

The bill has already been reported out of the Indian Affairs Committee. The Post suggests that, in the end of session rush, it might pass on a voice vote. There is no discernable [2] lobby in Congress prepared to stand up for science against Luddites with victim status.

I fear the worst.

  1. A dozen or so earlier pieces here on the Kennewick Man case.

  2. To me, at least!

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