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Thursday, November 25, 2004

House ethics committee shuts up shop?

The properly so-called House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct have, in condemning a complainant against Tom DeLay, the outgoing Rep Chris Bell, for violating the rule against including
innuendo, speculative assertions, or conclusory statements
in complaints to the Committee [1], sent a message to members to tread very carefully when contemplating troubling it in the future.

The motto is, When in doubt, don't:
All Members on notice that violation of any of those rules is a basis for summarily rejecting a complaint...and depending on the circumstances, may also be the basis for initiating disciplinary action against the Member who makes the filing.

Just to copper-fasten the seriousness of the warning, the letter refers to a statement that one of Bell's minions made:
The Republicans on the committee know DeLay would not survive a full investigation, so they’re trying to protect their party boss...
and concludes by stating that
it is highly improper, and a basis for the initiation of disciplinary action, for any House Member or staff person to attack the integrity of this Committee or any of its members.

Evidently, the Committee intends that it shall sleep the sleep of the just unmolested from now on.

  1. There is a press release and the letter to Bell.

Links to HSOC reports, press releases, etc; the Bell-DeLay complaint materials are linked to from here.

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