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Friday, November 19, 2004

George and Condi - the brown sugar angle

The former Campaign Desk rebrands as CJR Daily (keeping the same URL, for some reason...) with a lurch into Wonkette territory - noting the Mills and Boon [1] quality of a number of pieces on Rice's appointment as Secretary of State.

Old Strom Thurmond, of course, crossed the colour line with Carrie Butler three-quarters of a century ago [2] - and, in these more enlightened [3] days, inter-racial shenanigans should surely scarcely raise an eyebrow [4].

But - God that woman is ugly! And - where exactly do they...

Leave it...

  1. British publishers of bodice-ripping romantic fiction.

  2. Memo to self: where is Essie Mae Washington?

  3. Give or take a PIPA survey or two.

  4. Yeah, right...

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