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Saturday, November 27, 2004

For the record, Viacom surrendered

It seems an age ago when when there seemed to be a slim hope (more a druther) that Stern-owning Viacom, fired up by the FCC's new aggressive stance on indecency, would lead the charge.

Forget that: the FCC has deigned to settle for a consent decree (PDF) that wipes the slate clean - except for the Jackson Tit Incident.

It has of course been one damned thing after another this year for Viacom - but perhaps Rathergate was the final straw? Maximising shareholder value is incompatible with a Mr Smith Goes To Washington story arc.

Only when the FCC put a broadcaster's back against the wall with the threat of a bankruptcy-threatening fine will we see progress: but, since a new bill increasing fine limits is threatened for the 109th, and 'Comstock' Mike Copps is still apparently on the verge of a smut-induced nervous breakdown, we may not have to wait too long.

(Loadsa earlier pieces here on the subject of the FCC's indecency crusade.)

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