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Friday, November 05, 2004

First stirrings of a postseason after all?

As with the majority of the Democratic Party, I've been mostly an ABB supporter of Kerry - to the extent I've supported him at all. The margin of competence (Kerry appeared to have some) carried him over the winning line, just.

My major concern was that whoever won should have had such an almighty struggle in succeeding as to dampen his ardour for world conquest, whether of the Middle East PNAC Empire variety, or the Kosovo 'bombing for Jesus' sort. A 3 million win in the popular vote is bad news from that viewpoint, natch.

It looks bad: but after a couple of days of gloom and despondency, amongst the Kossacks (where else?), we get the first shoots of a Dem fightback (the concession is neither here or there if the votes turn up, of course).

Just as long as they don't decide the wretched thing while my machine is still fubar. (Priorities, priorities...)

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