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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election-watching as a civilian sucks ass...

Still blogging on the run, so just one or two net-starved thoughts:

I'm put in mind of the 1992 UK general election in which a lacklustre Labour challenger (Neil Kinnock) looked good to oust empty suit Tory PM John Major - and managed to stuff it up with a campaign of considerable crapitude.

Is it institutionally possible for the US to address the electoral system? Whilst a bad workman is prone to blame his tools, it's nevertheless true that some systems will defeat the finest quality personnel (eg, the proportional voting system of Israel) - from memory, the system used by the French Fourth Republic was also contributory to that regime's failure.

Whilst I have for two years yielded to no one in my loathing of Bush, I can't help feeling a wave of something akin to Schadenfreude about the discomfiting of the DEWDROPs with the (apparent) defeat of their pis aller. Especially the ranters at Air America, Fat Man Franken chief amongst them. The brazen cheek with which they complained of the truth manipulation of the BC boys whilst practising the same soon got old: is that whooshing noise the sound of folding of tents?

Will Vietnam hero Kerry, the guy who turned his boat to fire at Charlie, make a graceful, Senatorial surrender? Or will the new campaign anthem be Marching Through Georgia - notwithstanding that pesky Bush lead in the popular vote? What's he got to lose? (He's not going to stand to replace Daschle, surely?) Scorch that earth, say I!

More leisure would have yielded more coherence: hopefully, I shall do a MacArthur later today. (No promises...)

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