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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dude, where’s my postseason?

So much for count all the votes!

Kerry has all the fighting spirit of tripe: all that going along on in the Capitol has rusted the Cong-killing mechanism, apparently. (Why should Kerry worry about coming off a sore loser? He’s not going to run outside the Bay State ever again – and that’s full(ish) of Fighting Irish.)

But – what if those provisional ballots in Ohio break for Kerry in sufficient numbers to give him an overall majority of the popular vote in Ohio? The fact that Kerry has conceded would be irrelevant – it’s who wins the actual votes that counts.

Well, that’s the only postseason action that’s ongoing (so far as I’m aware) – and clearly I’m light-years aware from holding my breath. (TV movie producers could take note, though…)

The basic point is – should anyone be surprised? As I’ve pointed out umpteen times before, the US is a nation where a majority of adults believe that Noah took the animals in two by two into his ark: how can it conceivably be a stretch that a majority of them should clasp a guy pretending to be one of their own to their collective bosom?

When I have the online leisure, I’ll savour the Kossacks Why, Oh Why stuff – but it’s plain from the DEWDROP material I’ve regularly sampled that, on the average, their contempt for Kerry was considerable, and their admiration small. He was indeed a splendidly uninspiring candidate (competence, like patriotism, is not enough) and the preponderance of anti-Bush over pro-Kerry propaganda from the Dem side seemed many times like displacement activity from folks who just didn’t have a good word to say for their man – or who were rationing them!

On the other hand, I’m not aware of a Dem candidate who could have done better – Dean was surely bound to implode at some stage – but the humungous rush to get their man selected did not assist legitimacy.

The real nigger in the woodpile is, of course, the American electorate, or rather one enormous chunk thereof, who seem to have got exactly what they ordered: I’d like to see some research (I’m sure some will be done) on the education and experience of 2004 Bush voters: there are only so many Appalachians who call their aunties Mom. The Whig view was always that education would lead to a higher quality electorate; but damned Oprah and her like may have legitimated the idea that Feeling is the higher good.

Not that caudillismo is to be recommended; and much of the moral splurge is destined to be ineffective (Roe is not going to be overturned shortly, and the homo-marriage amendment will not pass).

The lack of fight from Kerry, though, is disappointing: how much, one wonders, did Teresa have to do with the decision to call it a day?

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