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Sunday, November 14, 2004

And no Teresa - damn!

On September 22, I suggested that
You feel it would be worth voting for Kerry just for the sheer fun of seeing her in action...

I rather figure Teresa Heinz Kerry as living in a bubble of colour in a generally black-and-white world [1] - Newsweek bewails her treatment in the campaign: too exotic, too independent, too sexy [2].

For all the forty years of affirmative action (Title IX massacring college sports in the process) and women prominent in government for a decade and more, America demands a Hausfrau for its First Lady, it seems.

And Hillary's 2008 campaign is a non-starter not only for being another Northern liberal.

THK is, of course, genuinely European - unlike Mr K; but I'm not aware of any European leader with a wife quite like her [3]. Cherie Blair, for all her legal career and espousing of inconvenient causes, is rather closer to the Laura Bush mumsy style [4].

(The exit poll didn't have a question bearing on the existence of a Teresa effect - my guess is that the salience was negligible. But fun to speculate over. And media men must be kicking themselves: THK as First Lady would have been worth a headline a day!)

  1. The technique of using both kinds of stock used in The Wizard of Oz and A Matter of Life and Death. (In the latter, scenes set on Earth were shot on colour stock, those set in heaven on black-and-white - the movie is a sort of companion-piece on Anglo-American relations to The Third Man shot three years later.)

  2. The idea that Kerry - who, I recall, put it about a bit following the break-up of his first marriage - should choose an older woman for his second also grates, I reckon.

  3. Doris Schröder (the fourth Frau Gerhard Schröder) is apparently a bit of a handful.

  4. The Carole Caplin farrago gave the impression of a pathetic wacko; the sudden pregnancy (that produced Leo) came over as either rank incompetence with contraception or some kind of PR stunt.

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