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Sunday, October 10, 2004

A whole foreign policy article - just for a Kerry's butler story?

I love it!

I start reading the Times' magnum opus on Kerry foreign policy in the Magazine today - of which more later - and come across a vignette that will have caused apoplexy amongst DEWDROPs across the nation.

The scribe, Matt Bai [1], met the great man in a Santa Monica hotel (italics in original):
A row of Evian water bottles had been thoughtfully placed on a nearby table. Kerry frowned.

''Can we get any of my water?'' he asked Stephanie Cutter, his communications director, who dutifully scurried from the room. I asked Kerry, out of sheer curiosity, what he didn't like about Evian.

''I hate that stuff,'' Kerry explained to me. ''They pack it full of minerals.''

''What kind of water do you drink?'' I asked, trying to make conversation.

''Plain old American water,'' he said.

''You mean tap water?''

''No,'' Kerry replied deliberately. He seemed now to sense some kind of trap. I was left to imagine what was going through his head. If I admit that I drink bottled water, then he might say I'm out of touch with ordinary voters. But doesn't demanding my own brand of water seem even more aristocratic? Then again, Evian is French -- important to stay away from anything even remotely French.

''There are all kinds of waters,'' he said finally. Pause. ''Saratoga Spring.'' This seemed to have exhausted his list. ''Sometimes I drink tap water,'' he added.

After months of having his every word scrutinized by reporters and mocked by Republicans, Kerry appeared to sense danger in the most mundane of places...

I suspect - nothing on his site yet - that Bob Somerby, amongst many others, is fit to be tied.

(I'm rather more interested in Kerry's refusal to close down expectations of any kind of US forward policy involving military force. Like - say - by stating his definition of pre-emption along Caroline lines. And denying any US role in bringing democracy to any part of the world except by dint of example.

I'm still reading...)

  1. Who gave us Wiring the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy in the Magazine on July 25.

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