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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Whoda thunkit: the very politically correct Jeb Bush

As the DEWDROPs would have it, Florida's governor, Brer Bush, is intent on organising what amounts to neo-interposition to disenfranchise the black voter [1].

But, by pure chance, I come across an example of Bush the Younger's aping those Massachusetts liberals their people so much despise:

This records the signature by the Governor of a bill (C/SB 444) designed to replace offensive place-names with PC ones.

So far as I can tell [2], for decades up till the 1990s, the Florida legislature, and almost all the time, the Florida governorship, were in the hands of the Democratic Party. Amongst the names that have survived all this philo-negritude are, it seems:
Negrotown Knoll or Niggertown Knoll; Negrotown Marsh or Niggertown Marsh both located in Highlands County; Negrohead Point or Niggerhead Point in St. Lucie County; and Nigger Jim Hammock Bridge in Hendry County.

So far as I can tell [3], that last name should be parsed as a hammock bridge named after one Nigger Jim - a reference to the slave in Huckleberry Finn, perhaps?

Of course, lobbying for place-name sanitisation is the second biggest industry amongst Indians (after gambling, that would be); the agonies suffered by the palefaces over the use of squaw alone [4] must have atoned for Wounded Knee...

  1. As regular readers would expect, I cite the Michael Klarman article (DOC) on Smith v Allwright. Note 106 says
    between 1948 and 1950, more blacks registered to vote than at any other time in Florida history, as the percentage of eligible blacks registered rose from 16.9 percent to 31.7 percent.
    There is as little uniformity in the state of the Negro franchise, across time and space, as in any other element of the Jim Crow South.

  2. As is the case with statistics, this sort of almanac information is farcically difficult to screw out of Google. I want a page with the state of the parties in the houses of all state legislatures going back to 1932, say: fuck all chance. My inference is drawn from this and this.

  3. From the afore-mentioned, damned to hell, Mr Google.

  4. Mr Google actually doesn't crap out with this one: this (DOC), for instance, looks interesting.

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