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Monday, October 04, 2004

What kind of lawyers does Bush have advising him?

Another gem from today's Note, on cutaways of Bush during the cringemaking Florida debate:
The images were bad enough that senior Republicans, gathering on a campaign conference call Friday, asked if anything in the debate agreement could prevent Democrats from splicing the cut-away shots of a perturbed Bush into an ad. (Apparently not: The Democratic National Committee released a greatest-hits video Friday.)"

Note Note: The agreement actually does prevent any debate footage being used in a campaign TV or Internet ad, but the agreement only pertains to the campaigns not the parties.

That is pisspoor lawyering from the Bush camp - or else mindblowing hubris. Because it was clearly a loophole through which one campaign or the other was going to drive a coach-and-four (tally ho!). And if the Bushies thought their man was going to ace the presentational side - did they see the last White House presser?

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