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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Saddam, Al Qaeda and Kerry supporters: the bull point confirmed

There's been a modicum of crowing on the left side of the aisle (on Friday's Franken show, for instance) about the results of a PIPA survey The Separate Realities of Bush and Kerry Supporters just released.

The comparison drawn is between the reality-based community (the mot du jour from the Ron Suskind article) to which Kerry supporters belong and the Bizarro World inhabited by Bush supporters - who believe both that Saddam had WMD and that the invasion would have been wrong if he hadn't [1].

The message to undecideds is clear: on November 2, you either cleave to the smart set or hang out with the morons. No brainer.

Except that - confirming earlier results [2] - the PIPA survey shows that a large minority of Kerry supporters have drunk the Bush Kool Aid too.

Last time, it was a third of Democrats who either believed that Saddam was involved in 9/11 or weren't sure that he wasn't. This time (p7), 8% of Kerry supporters say Saddam was directly involved in 9/11 and 22% that Saddam gave Al Qaeda substantial support.

That's fully 30% of Kerry supporters who willingly come out as paid-up members of the Bush Asylum Freak Show.

Now, that 75% of Bush supporters should also believe his absurdly counterfactual Iraq fantasies, though regrettable, is hardly suprising: love me, love my lunacy.

But those 30% of Kerry supporters are - well, cheering for the opposing team. And they are the guys who, if he wins, will be responsible for putting him over the top.

Now, a candidate takes his votes as they come; but, when it comes to Bush supporters' IQ levels or knowledge of current affairs - DEWDROP crowing needs a modicum of dialing back.

  1. Had Bush railed about Saddam's threat to Americans' precious bodily fluids, I suspect most of his supporters would have gone along with that as well...

  2. My piece of October 8.

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