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Saturday, October 09, 2004

The poetic justice of Miller-Plame - kinda

Someone in Hollywood is writing the treatment - probably several have already done so. The arc is just delicious: the same hack who lubricated the way to war with her anonymously-sourced disinformation goes to jail because of anonymous sources in a story she didn't write.

Judith Miller, facing 18 months in Club Fed, is free awaiting as many appeals as the battery of New York Times Company lawyers can manage.

And her fellow blind-quote addicts are bleating up a storm.

There's the chance for the NYT to make legal history once more by providing the Supremes with a chance to sweep away the fuzziness of Branzburg v Hayes and lay down a bright line [1].

(With the current panel, the case could be bouncing up and down between the Supreme Court and the DC Circuit Court. Or denied certiorari.)

No sign of the gyves going on Uncle Bob Novak, so far as I can see. But, come January 21...

(Earlier pieces here on August 10 and August 20.)

  1. Memo to media: be careful what you wish for: no guarantee that bright line wouldn't be just where the Feds want it.

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