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Friday, October 01, 2004

Pelosi Principle vindicated in nasty little DC gun vote

The Pelosi Principle, readers may recall (September 25), is
when they are dealing politically on the floor, you deal with it any way you need to deal with it.

So, when the GOP leadership brought HR 3193 to the floor, Saint Nancy's flock did exactly that.

Notwithstanding that the intention of the bill is to turn Chocolate City into a shooting gallery, thereby goosing the NRA and exalting the maximalist view of the Second Amendment, 52 Dems were able to square their consciences (if any) and see the bill through the House.

Now, that Joan of Arc of the summer election season, Stephanie Herseth might say that, since HR3193 has zimmo chance of passing the Senate, a nod to her gun-toting constituents (Bush is 20 points ahead in South Dakota) left the ghettoes of Washington in no danger from the bill.

So, in card-game terms, it's a discard. Why, then, don't the tooled-up denizens of the Coyote State realise that the lovely Ms Herseth is playing them?

Well, if Bush supporters can think their man supports signing up to Kyoto (piece earlier today), Herseth's trick will be a cinch.

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