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Friday, October 08, 2004

On corporate tax bill, a third of Pelosi's troops went over to the enemy

The House vote on the truly dire, deficit-hiking, lobbyist-enriching, Chicago stockyard-ful of corporate pork, HR 4520 (yesterday) was another tribute to Speaker-in-Waiting [1] Nancy Pelosi's iron grip over her people. Not.

The box score is unflattering: 280-141, with 16 GOP voting against and 73 Dems voting for [see CORRECTION below].

Prince of Darkness Tom DeLay, roundly excoriated by La Pelosi on his lack of ethics (who knew?), gave her the perfect, Cheney-to-Leahy reponse: he could only win the big vote if a third of her party gave her the finger, and the finger she most assuredly got.

(After voting NRA on the bill to bring the Wild West to DC (October 1), Saint Stephanie Herseth burnished her DINO credentials with a vote for the bill.

  1. But for how long?


Apparently, a Kennedy filibuster - discussed yesterday - is no longer on the cards. The Senate discusses the conference report today, and AP quotes Senate leaders as predicting smooth passage.


The Washington Post calls on Bush to exercise his veto. At bloody last, the October Surprise!

Oh, yeah...


Recalling earlier instances noted here where Pelosi failed to rally her forces to a liberal cause: on partial birth abortion (June 2), 64 Dems supported the bill; but when it came to decupling the fines available to the FCC to penalise broadcast indecency (March 12), she rallied no fewer than 172 Dems to the banner of the Comstock Crusaders (with Brent Bozell as Richard the Lion-Heart...).

In no way a statistically valid sample, but...


Initially, I put the number of Dems voting for HR 4520 at 74: now, I see the roll call page shows 73. My lack of attention, I'm supposing: except - they wouldn't alter the numbers without noting the change, would they? (This AP story - datelined at 0325 ET - rather suggested that Homer nodded. Simpson, that is...)

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