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Friday, October 29, 2004

No cunts at the Trib

As noted by Romenesko, another of those barium meals detecting the outlines of the sensibilities of the American people as interpreted by the their media.

Janet Jackson's tit - of beloved memory - was the leading instance of the year, of course. But a modest further example in the Chicago Tribune's decision, and its reversal, to ├ępater les bourgeois with an article on current usage of cunt under hed You c_nt say that [1]

The piece went in the Women's News section - evidently subject to the laxer features ethos (piece earlier today) - but I'm not clear which editors, apart from the one who commissioned it, got to see the copy before the presses rolled.

As it was, they
had folks from across the company hand-pulling the section out...

By way of comparison, there are apparently 353 cunts in the Guardian... [2]

Will the writer, Lisa Bertagnoli, find a less panicky publisher for her piece, I wonder? Because my interest has definitely been aroused...

(Her bio at her literary agents' site.)

  1. Or - according to the rival Sun-Times - You c-nt say that (or can you?) UK practice is to use asterisks for blanked letters.

  2. Since September 1998, that is.

    The Trib piece never used the word itself unbowdlerised, or so it seems.


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